Open House November 24th and 25th

Featuring from Ocotlán Oaxaca gallery artist
José Juan Aguilar well-known ceramic sculpture artist!

From Ocotlán Oaxaca José Juan Aguilar with amazing ceramic sculptures!

José Juan Aguilar is the son of Josefina, who has been a well-known ceramic folk artist for many decades, working in Ocotlán, a village near Oaxaca.

José Juan is continuing the tradition Josefina and her sisters began, with even more refined craftsmanship and a truly beautiful color palette. His ceramic sculptures range from clever and funny ideas to beautiful country scenes to depictions of his distinctive culture to deeply spiritual themes.

Come and visit us!

Ortiz pottery largest collection anywhere in mexico!

The gallery has been collecting Ortiz pottery for ten years, and displays the largest collection anywhere in Mexico. You will also see a wide variety of folk art and country antiques from all over Mexico, in our 6,000 square foot exhibition space.

The Ortiz pottery has not only created a sensation among the buyers in the Santa Fe Market, New Mexico. The Market proved to be a genuinely life-changing experience for the potters themselves. They took home much more, after one weekend, than what they have ever made in one year when they sell their pottery only in Mexico.

Every purchase helps to support a hard-working, creative family of artists and to keep alive a rich aspect of Mexican culture and history.

Galería Atotonilco
An Unforgettable Experience of México

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